Discover magic, adventure and spellbinding romance in these books by Denise Flora!

A family secret.
A fierce warrior.
An incredible journey to the past

In 16th century Scotland, Colin Murray, a fierce Highland warrior and Laird of the Castle Glencove, is about to embark on a magnificent odyssey that will propel him through time. The journey will bring him face to face with a woman he saw only in his dreams— a woman he was destined to find and protect.

Meanwhile, in the present day, a young woman, Mckenna, makes a fascinating discovery about herself and her family while rummaging through her attic. That same discovery will lead her on an incredible journey to Scotland in the 16th century.

When the paths of these two people from different lifetimes cross, destinies will entwine and they will find themselves facing dangers and a strange magic that has surrounded them since birth.

Join their spellbinding journey in Mckenna: Beloved of Aodh Celtic God of Fire.

Grace wakes each night to the sound of an alluring voice, pleading for help, and reaching out to her from a time far ahead of her own. Unaware of the danger, or even the heartbreak that she could possibly face, she follows her instincts and her inner power of magical guidance on an extraordinary journey to where the voice leads her. This is the story of Grace: The Rose of Promise.